Business Case & Project Development

What does successful delivery of a project look like?  Is it just about delivery on time and to budget?  The photo above is of the New Delhi metro from a recent visit -  whilst the metro has generally been  successful in managing congestion in the city, there is one line which is not encouraging people out of their cars because the station is in the wrong place.

Successful projects are about delivering the change you are looking for.  There's been plenty of research which shows that projects need robust thinking during the development process to ensure they make it to delivery and then get delivered to the estimated budget without costs spiralling out of control. 

Anuradha has been using Waka Kotahi's business case approach since its inception in 2013.  This process for developing projects focuses on clearly understanding problems and opportunities, defining the benefits you are seeking, considering all options and ensuring you can have a open and transparent conversation about trade-offs.  

It's all about giving you confidence that the money or resource you're going to put in is going to achieve what you want.

Anuradha has recently completed Treasury's Better Business Case training.  She not only brings her knowledge and experience of working on business cases to your projects but put this alongside her knack of putting things simply and telling a coherent story; and you'll find it much easier to make a decision about what you should do and understand the pros and cons of your decision. 

Anuradha's other skills and experience:

  • workshops facilitation -  including  investment logic map workshops (although not an accredited Investment Management facilitator)
  • transport planning - including network operating frameworks